2012 hot June, it was a graduation season, a large number of students left the school in the ivory tower, everyone said, 80 talk about work, talk about 90 businesses, and today we will talk about entrepreneurship that little thing. In 2011 the hottest business is e-commerce, many people will rush on like a swarm of hornets out a lot, but the market competitiveness is low, the rest is of course the essence of entrepreneurship threshold also began to rise, coupled with the domestic logistics system is not perfect, make a person do Internet business electricity supplier more is not so reliable. Today I just share with you a new Internet business model: social commerce.

what is social e-commerce

called social e-commerce is the integration of e-commerce and social media, so that each user can be traded on their social networks, sharing, recommend. Social e-commerce has the advantage of low cost, high efficiency (users through the recommendation of everyone to save the cost of shopping choices) and low risk.

of course social e-commerce has the biggest advantage is: you do not need to purchase goods, do not worry about the supply chain, also do not need to deal with complicated logistics, even without a full-time service can obtain certain benefits, this is the primary reason I recommend individual entrepreneurs choose social e-commerce.

case analysis: beauty, mogujie.com

is currently the most famous social e-commerce platform for beauty and mogujie.com. Beautiful said was founded in March 2010, founder Xu Yirong, mogujie.com was founded in February 14, 2011, founder of the June. Two business models are Taobao shopping sharing community, the target user for the pursuit of fashion trend of female friends, the main profit from the early Taobao commission. Beautiful said 16 million registered users, monthly to more than 800 million of the transaction amount for Taobao, mogujie.com in April this year has exceeded 9 million 500 thousand registered users, 90% of goods to taobao.com, the monthly turnover of about 150 million. (data from the Internet)

then as individuals, social e-commerce needs to face what the problem? Do electricity supplier, the biggest problem is the promotion, to no man, no money, how to do the promotion, we know that mogujie.com and beauty in the early promotion to promote micro-blog master, imitate the threshold is not high, individual entrepreneurship can imitate beautiful and mogujie.com promotion, do not seek beyond, just to follow. Choose your team, don’t hesitate, GO.

for college students personal entrepreneurship

many voices in today’s society does not support college students to start a business, so why do I encourage college students to start their own business. In fact, a lot of people think that college students should not start the business is too serious to look at the business, who set the business must be successful, must be bigger, entrepreneurship and the only difference is that