you already have a website, how to increase the amount of traffic it? Why don’t you take a few minutes to look at 26 things listed in this article.

The first step:

1 write page title. Use five to eight words to write a descriptive title for each page. Try to remove the word literary jargons, to be concise. The title should include the name of the company and the main business scope. The format is as follows:

2 list of keywords. Find out about your company’s key words, no more than 20. Be careful not to repeat the same keywords more than three times, or may be punished by some search engines. The format is as follows:

3 "written description. Remove the and, the, a, an, company, word, do not use the word repetition title page, try to save space to write useful words. The format is as follows:

4 will be submitted to the web search engine. Before you submit the page to Altavista, excite, HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek, webcraw>