asked any company founder or co-founder, they can tell you more than one error. They used to make mistakes in their own business. If a company has never made a mistake, they will never succeed. Looking for the wrong co-founder, employing the wrong employees, not signing a legal agreement to hire their friends…… Encountered in the startup error, this list can also go on a column without limit, can avoid the error in all business, which is the most common? Let’s listen to the witness statement.

I want to be my own boss

one of the biggest mistakes a entrepreneurs encounter, is underestimated how entrepreneurial. Gupta, co-founder of the Nexus investment partnership, says Naren, don’t start a company because you just want to be your own boss. In the beginning, it’s not like you think. When you hire someone, you are responsible for the person, and responsible for all the things that the employee wants to see in the company.


as the founding fathers get further and further away, it is clear that they are looking for someone who is right for them. However, compared to those who look rounder, can meet your needs may be more suitable to a certain extent, this point is extremely important. ChargeBee co-founder Krish (Krish Subramanian) tells us that.

Gupta said that one of the biggest reasons for business failure is because team members can not work together with each other. This makes it a very important step to find the right Co founders. Make the wrong choice, then things will not be as you think.

do not make products, just look at the beautiful site

early entrepreneurs may have made another mistake: if they are doing the company related to the product, they are not the final product, but the official website of the product. Krish said that the site first – rather than working on the product, in his view is a wrong way. Just do a simple page, focus on the core work, get more users and retain them. With the user himself to talk rather than build a website.

he felt the start-up companies should continue to iterate on the product. You originally planned to spend weeks on the site, and ultimately could turn into a month of four. What if you give it up? It’s so precious that you don’t have time to waste your site. Write the product updates on the website is enough, he said.

choose the appropriate technical means

as a start-up company, choose the right technical means, in a large sense determines the future of the company. Dr. Naren (Naren) said, do not