SEO a beginner’s voice

for a long time, has been watching A5, but never leave own a word or two, do not want to say, but don’t know how to say. As a SEO beginner, in the face of the A5 veteran senior webmaster, deep fear of a word will lead to a scolding. But today, determined to represent the majority of the initial entry into the SEO this line of friends to express feelings.

why to step into the ranks of the SEO, because a lot of friends around are doing this, out of curiosity, for no reason to step into the bottomless abyss. SEO distance is a long process, for the beginners, it is full of frustrations, because we do not have enough experience, are often not very good to adapt to the changes of Baidu, need not to cater to Baidu’s ultimate fate is as can be imagined.

but as a beginner I, always maintained a passion for beginners, from the most simple to learn the basic knowledge, a little put his arm, let yourself know more. But in the face of Baidu change rapidly change, don’t know how long I can keep the passion? Baidu algorithm update last week, to reduce their It is without rhyme or reason. website traffic, ranking drop, for a beginner, the blow can be said than bird flu panic bigger.

so, as a beginner, in the end how to face Baidu change, learn SEO? For one thing, you need to know their own learning SEO for what? What is the essence of SEO? Some people say that in the world of SEO is "content is king, the chain for emperor" to ensure that your site has some original content updates every day, plus some of the high quality of the chain, the website will naturally have a ranking. Indeed, the original content of this update is the most basic, high quality of the chain can also bring a lot of traffic. However, we may ignore the point, that is the most critical point of the user experience.

actually, we do not SEO to the original content and do, nor for the chain of high quality hair done, the ultimate goal of SEO is to allow users to have a good user experience on our website, so you have to know, not to do SEO to do SEO, such as if your position is wrong, the results may end will be very bleak.

said this, some people may ask, since the user experience is so important, then, how can we do the user experience? What are the specific performance of the user experience? Let me give you a brief introduction:

1, we all know that the original content is very important, but we don’t just say to the original, the original thing is not something of value, we must be content to meet the needs of users, is the needs of users.

2, the user to your site, in addition to find useful things, but also have a good sense of experience, also