on the evening of May 20th, founded by Luo Yonghao hammer technology conference held in Beijing National Convention Center, the official launch of the previous concern hammer phone – Smartisan T1. Luo Yonghao has become the focus of the domestic science and technology circles since the announcement of the phone, this conference is a great concern by the science and technology circles. After the conference, entrepreneur & I dark horse first contact Luo Yonghao, interviewed him. The following is Mr. Luo Yonghao in the entrepreneur & I dark horse interview Dictation:


conference site when I came out, they stood up. I was shocked, because Jobs was only in pancreatic cancer, we all thought that the results can not play again when the treatment of the enjoyment.

I got confused, but the end will probably want to go back to understand: the people who supported me in the past two years with me a lot of frustration. With their colleagues around the circle of friends, said Luo said hammer mobile phone when the cow, who said that a big flicker, comedian. By the time I come out, they must be with the so-called vindictive support, that is, the kind of "let you curse" this mood, so completely abnormal reaction. My wife was sitting on the edge of the crowd, and she found a lot of people crying when she sat down. She said it wouldn’t be so strange.

In table

I also talked about my debut in 2002 to today, what is the rave reviews, do all this year is called the mobile phone. So they must be simmering effort to support me.

I’ve been down for the last couple of years, and the vast majority of things are expected. I said a few things that made me feel difficult.


first started, because I have no technical circle of contacts and resources, so the first technology partner is hard to find. We are the first to do ROM do I look for the hardware, software of the boss, especially hard, go out and see a circle, a lot of people, after reading the feel do not fly.

I found that the hardest thing is that I can’t fix the engineer. These people with me, is the liberal arts students and science students. I think the logical mind is very clear, but partial literature and art, playing children is a literary youth, with these scientists, science and technology men’s life is completely no intersection.

tell you a passionate for his entrepreneurial story, he is not excited, but also feel that you are very strange. You give him your design draft product design, I have prepared a lot of the time do not come out, many of my friends were all very excited, said, in this way can make out too damn good — but you told him he had no sense, he did not feel the same? And then you see him with a terrible Android, such as lenovo. He also does not think that Apple has any good, he also used the apple, that is completely no sense of the product.

what about this then?