believe that a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster, the most headache is the choice of advertising alliance. Especially for small Adsense, the existence of a small alliance to pay the risk, but there will be a lot of bad content, it is easy to make their own site was sealed. Major league, such as Baidu, Google, etc., and can not participate in the small webmaster. Large and medium-sized webmaster can also through their own online advertising on the way to make a profit, for the big Adsense, a lot of time is hate advertising alliance. So today’s tutorial is also key to the webmaster, ha ha, you forgive, love is sometimes sesame vulnerable groups and ~

a. Integrity and stability of choice

ha ha, choose the league, select partners, select friends, it seems that this is a code. Also, if even the basic integrity are not, even no stability, the other is to talk nonsense.

The general method of

detection of integrity are: 1 using search engine, search have been used before to evaluate the union of people, if the evaluation of poor, the estimation is not what can be done, if not evaluation, it is a pure new alliance to do the 2 stability of the site itself. Is the integrity of the judgment standard, such as check snapshot, if a certain period of time, a snapshot of all search engines are not updated or abnormal, indicating the site at that time there have been some problems, such as unable to access, or in the maintenance of the 3 website style, browser compatibility, performance updates etc. the website itself that is, the traditional appearance, although not very good, but if a person is disheveled, estimated is good so the probability is very low.

two. The content of the advertisement and the strength of the company

first ad content, if contrary to it, even if it is a suitable Union, also do not do as much as possible, because domestic have the check, if the content is illegal, is a very difficult thing. The strength of the company is just a reference, after all, there are really few companies on the Internet, and can not be used as a reference object.

the contents of the advertisements, which I believe we know more judgment, if there is political (unlikely, but are not allowed), sex (frequency is more frequent, the possibility of this kind of advertising is illegal) (this kind of scope is wide, because it is the reason, non law here between keywords so no one has written), in a word, this kind of content, not to do. The strength of the company, we can look at this station is a company background, if there is a registered company, it is generally no problem.

three. Payment time and payment method

if it is a novice webmaster, I still recommend the payment of 1 months or less than a month to pay the way. If the time is too long, such as Google, period of nearly 3 months, if the novice again because of operational errors caused by the title, the The loss outweighs the gain.. After all, it may be a few months of webmaster…