The thinking of

about small and medium-sized webmaster Wangzhuan

with the development of Internet and e-commerce, has grown out of many of the webmaster, but most webmasters initially do the original station because of hobbies and interests, did not have the network business and rely on the Internet to make money idea. With all kinds of advertising and network trend, many owners have begun to get involved in the Wangzhuan industry or are positive thinking way to make money online at the same time, some of the usual little or no contact with the website construction technology users, also began to find ways and means of network on gold. This is dandelion SEO in their daily work, explore and summarize the ideas of small and medium-sized webmaster Wangzhuan, hoping to get the majority of Internet criticism predecessors.

first I give this to write small webmaster Wangzhuan summarized several key words:

goals, persistence, thinking, practice, vision

first, goal: according to their own situation, set goals for themselves.


is not familiar with the website of how to make friends, first set yourself a goal, for example: familiar with a website technology in one month; if you think you are suitable for a project, set a goal for yourself, how long does it take to master its methods and techniques.

online gold project can be said to be a lot, but not every project is suitable for all. This is based on a person’s social experience, what one sees and hears linked, so webmaster in determining the project goals, the best choice of their own areas of expertise, so in the update the original article, do not write the content of Evans exhausted, not empty. Of course, the webmaster can choose their own do not understand the field, as long as you have perseverance, eager to get development in this field, the outbreak of a strong desire to learn, I believe we can succeed!

second, adhere to: with the goal, but also need to adhere to a lasting.

that’s a good idea, but it’s really hard to do. Many people either in reality or in the network, everything is "shaved the burden of a hot, just start doing what things are in the best of spirits, but before long, loose, and some even give up. Our hometown has a saying "hard to earn the money, shit unpalatable, real money not to make money online, the same is not an easy thing. Behind every successful man, there is no sweat.

has the words want to inspire you to "practice, no success, Constant effort yields sure success". The small owners in the course of business should also consciously grasp the basic skills, only to note that someone how much money the news not every day, I believe that deliberately to practice, you will find the breakthrough point to own success.

third, thinking: encounter problems to learn to observe and think.

look at other ways to solve problems and think about the same problem solving methods. To s>