see the title, it is natural to think of this should be in the Ali Mama advertising, first off, without any intention to belittle the Ali Mama, why play such a title, you just want to catch the eye, can look at.

station has nearly half of the (statistics are:, watching the days past, there is still no income, complete with their enthusiasm for the free traffic statistics of the industry to support the operation of the website. Some time ago to see Ali mother on the line, I think it is very interesting, but also to apply for hanging up. Although the station traffic quality is higher, but the site itself is not flow, no people to pay attention to, and it is also the mother just on the line, promotion of wind here, a big buyer once, 15 yuan / week, six months, is oh so much.

in ADO, Ali Mama, why do I give the advertising price was 0.05 yuan / week, and the site of PR was 4, and the user login page or home page picture advertising? Listen to me:

1, now the top of the webmaster smart, not to mention the high price, is very low, not many people concerned about.

2, the price is low, "thousands of people visit the cost is low, I checked the Ali Mama, as if no lower than my, oh find pride, is also the first countdown to the first! The benefits that buyers search this sort, can easily find you, how that can improve the access point.

3, some people may ask, if someone really bought, you are not a big loss? In fact, this is the key point of this article, not any webmaster can buy this advertisement, I need to review the settings, which are statistics must be registered for the user, and and the traffic is at a level above the website to be approved, here we see light suddenly this is mutual, advocacy and support in another form.


, all the talk about cooperation can promote each other, always have little effect, two words, too difficult. Using this form, in Ali mother community made a paste, really play a role! Unfortunately, the administrator may feel that such a low price if there is damage to the Ali Mama, with ads to delete name.

finally, respond to the title, why the PR4 website picture advertising price is set at 0.05 yuan / week? That is, we cooperate with each other, in 2008 common progress!