this time, Google AdSense decided to use the RMB payment, the news spread almost throughout the network. This is a lot of AdSesen publishers are very concerned about a problem. Because many before the payment details are not clear, especially through Western Union fee payment is not clear, dig it together today (17wata) seen in the Google English blog, Western Union fee paid by Google, users do not have to bear any costs! There is no doubt that this is the Chinese AdSesne publishers deserve to celebrate the news!

AdSense can be said to be the world’s best content advertisers. Relatively stable income. Compared with some domestic advertising alliance, AdSense threshold is low, as long as you have a website, or blog, or web pages, you can join the AdSense. Therefore, for the blog and other personal sites, even if the AdSense can not help you get rich, but at least you can let you subsidize the blog investment, or very good.

AdSense now through Western Union payment, bypassing the income tax has been a controversial problem; and even the AdSense payment gateway costs for users to pay. Google for the network advertising industry leader worthy, in this matter, for the sake of release everywhere.

if you are not a publisher of AdSense, and now want to show your AdSense ads on your site, you can now Google AdSense through your website to generate revenue  . If you are already a publisher of AdSense, then you can set the way to collect money by the following ways:

first log on to AdSense, "my account" -> "account settings" -> "payment details" to modify the payment method of payment:


then click Next:



modification, save settings can be. This time the general will receive Google AdSense sent a letter to confirm the payment method has been modified AdSense.  

if you intend to use Western Union remittance, must pay attention to the following details:

Western Union payment only can be used in the following countries: Argentina, Chinese (mainland), Columbia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines and Romania. This service is available only to individual users; company accounts cannot be paid in this manner. This business is a monthly income below $10000 account is available, the monthly income of more than this number, based on security considerations, can only use the check to pay. Payment must be made within 35 days after receipt of remittance