what would be considered cheating />
now lists some commonly used network that is cheating, to the greatest degree of protection of members and the interests of advertisers, standardize network advertising behavior. If your site uses some unconventional means are listed in the table below, or your site is closed, you can control this table view, and under the guidance of "revised and improved to the maximum possible to avoid or reduce the losses caused by it. Methods: 1
keyword stack stack some high priced keywords in the page, select and output to artificially control advertising.
2 means: steal flow through the program or plug-in to steal other members or Baidu traffic flow.
show means 3: forced to tamper with IE home page, the website disguised with the Baidu LOGO page, Baidu image damage.
4 means: the premise of
advertising is disguised as forum posts or other forms of news, also belong to cheating.
5 means: forced to click on the pop-up window when the advertisement user access page, or registered in some user interface, appear endless advertising display, and to remind the user if you do not click on the ads, ads or pop-up window does not close the virus so the plug-in, click click to cheat.
7 means: the simulation click on the main site for interest through the program, by clicking on the program or script to simulate the user’s behavior, the resulting false hits are cheating on.
page 8 means: garbage without any substance "in addition to advertising, this page is garbage page, click generate click fraud.
9 means:
10 means: advertising stack
Web interface stack too much advertising or show too much advertising elements in a single advertisement block, click on the result is not accurate, so click click > belongs to cheating means