topic some vacant, with a choice, thinking, wondering! But the fact that the upcoming brother will tell you you need to do so!

Google AdSense has recently been adjusted, causing the click range to be limited to the header connection and the URL connection, and most of the presentation locations give static performance. Whether the call caused many webmaster Google AdSense put undo other products? Consider not necessary, do not need to.

Google AdSense is adjusted for the benefit of his customers (advertisers), where advertisers are happy. Before clicking range caused by excessive delays are, many owners will seriously do not distinguish between advertising and content, the viewer is not careful, not to run in the past. When the match is large, you can also feel the professional degree of the other side. If you see is "not" under the age of 25 that I think is forced to jump past you will have no effect! (perhaps the advertisers want to browse NB, global eye catching, perhaps to his registered data.)

so Google AdSense adjustment, so that it can be for their own advertising quality considerations, in order to more advertisers can rely on and trust. The webmaster do not OK can change the identity of consideration! If his quality is very bad, no one when advertisers, which shows that a few years ago we had refreshed 100 times to see "public service ads" when you are 1 million times the most cursing you silly, 100 times to see why XXXX did not know what. Is XXXX "


so he said he adjusted his brother, as long as you have the right to put the webmaster, the subject of how much of the location and contact your state of mind, you are not relying on his life.

if it is, then need to draft forget who dug the well, remember when you first receive a cheque? Remember you get the joy? Remember you are well prepared, in the power of doing his scene and the original intention of


if not above, you will see your site for you every day, even if the income of 0.05 happy!

floating brother suggested: put or put it!

change! Undo! Because he’s too cheap!


is there for what? What can the growth of 7X24X365


CPA? CPS or Ali mother?

since we talked about Ali mother, he said.

could not stand some owners in order to get the recommended spam letter posing as "station announcement" fake "stationmaster net – King" suggestions, asked to join Ali mother! A little attention will find that strange email address. That stupid letter is a code generation ". Why do I have to sign up for this portal? Mom’s address is "ALIMAMA. "COM" (in order not to generate a connection) >