yesterday saw the Ali Mama, found several yesterday did not see, is a sponsor of advertising, in the seat did not sell before, in addition to put his seat of the Ali Mama advertising, you can also put the Ali Mama advertising itself, the former is 8 cents a click, the latter is 1 cents to 1 hair 3, of course, not how much money. I choose to display different ads in different pages series now, such as Valentine’s day on the front page of the Ali Mama advertising, and a list of pages and content pages also place different ads, so overall to the customer will feel better, not to run to see the same ads, it is for the sake of customers a a move. User experience is the need to keep in mind.

also has a function, is to calculate the recommended price function, the calculation of the Ali Mama PV website, and now all sites offer reference value, you can calculate the reasonable price of the advertisement position, this function is also very practical, I see, my offer is slightly higher, but considering the traffic I am growing, I don’t lower the price temporarily, because of fears that once was a long-term orders bound off, then lost, temporarily do not worry.


looked at the previous blog, January 4, 2008, PV had 300, very happy to write a blog to celebrate, now if the PV in 300, I have to worry about, like the original, see CNZZ, no new visitors, there is a 5 visit, i. Not included, the search engine to come, not half a day, the statistics of the days are gone. Think about it. But also a lot of worry, Alexa ranking is not, PR is relatively low, Google Adsence does not approve, Baidu Union does not approve. Keyword ranking arch need to work hard, anyway, each stage has every stage of trouble, but also every stage of happiness!

Tao tried more than 2 days, no income, and Ali mother to Amoy traffic statistics can not, so that this is very difficult, but I think, what is the advertising advertising or sales to customers to rely on the actual benefits, but when I flow, whether in Amoy in this form, or in the form Ad, or the AD estimation is better now, now think so. Let’s see later.

Pro pen before 21:10 points to look at cnzz, pv2235, IP629, innovative high is inevitable. Ha ha.