steps are as follows:

1, looking for a space agent to do business, requires the price of this space business space is very cheap, 100M less than $100, is the cost of setting up a forum will not exceed 100 yuan.

2, for example, to understand the home set up.

3, and then send an ad above, saying that the site has an automatic generation of traffic and has a strong readability of the characteristics, especially suitable for GOOGLE account recommendation.

4, said in the above, if you need this program, you can enter your group, and then you help set up the forum program.

5, after the group told them to set up a forum program, including the domain name and space, the need for 300 yuan, while giving some learning tutorials.

like this every day there will be a few friends to find you, your daily income will be more than 500 yuan, the money is in some inadvertently earn the money.


is a simple sales space, it may concern people just do the Internet, but also because there are network novice, veteran space fixed suppliers. If it is a gift site program, and then sales space, then the people who care about is a little bit of network based, but also want to have their own website. If you say that it is a profitable project, and then give the program sales space, then the project is concerned about all the people who want to make money.