is the largest pig Witkey website, how to use the pig to do Taobao guest, most of the ideas are to promote what products, to do such a site, and then to promote this website SEO, post, etc., of course, these promotion methods are free, do not what risk, but very tired, in fact, sometimes to do Wangzhuan have business ideas, to invest some money, as long as the output > put on the line, if you put 1 pieces of money can earn 2 dollars, then invested 1000 to earn 2000, than do SEO easily, we Why not??

well, not much to say, look at how others are doing it, open the pig eight quit website, click into the task hall, click the post game".

look, there are so many post task, do Wangzhuan, do their own products and services, customers do Taobao.

we click on the promotion of a Taobao guest to look at the requirements of the major forums in the development of Taobao guest soft Wen posts, the requirements are as follows:


1, the post must be as the theme, post not use cluster software or machine posting non manual posting invalid.

I don’t

released in the new report, advertising area, flood Posts quality to invalid! (invalid deleted within 48 hours) post content and the title to give people the feeling of personal feeling, experience sharing or shopping experience form, text title and content of the advertisement can not taste very strong, can not be written the form of direct marketing.

2, post content can not be repeated on the same page layout of the forum, the total number of the same forum can not be more than 2 stickers. And can not be the same title, hair posts must not register can also view, otherwise invalid.

3, hair posts must not register can also view, otherwise invalid.

4, after the end of the address please pass up. (such as Tianya,, etc.). The forum to post relatively high popularity (daily popularity more than 2000IP (website), such as: Sina, Tianya,, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, etc.), the website trademark industry, browse or commercial high rate economic forum. The best local forum to Hubei / Wuhan based, such as the big Chu network (small forum, less popular forum do not send oh)!

blog, I as long as Tianya, Sina, YAHOO,, NetEase, Tencent, the blog was deleted in low risk, so the blog is 2 links for a Oh, this is relatively easy, please pay attention to ~~~

5, post process can not register a false address, found immediately cancel the qualification.

6, the same post can not repeat registration, malicious registration will cancel the qualification.

7, manual audit. Please do not delete within 2 days