knew in 2002 can be free to do personal station since handy began to do a website, but now I don’t have a real website, only personal website is a novel thief station, and garbage, did not make any optimization, there never had (far)

doesn’t like doing repetitive and boring things, love collecting software, no other hobbies, so always sites are fun, do a delete, to a few days before the National Day in the National Day period I want to earn some money, but I do not know what to do, but also from the national day just for a few days. Make a stand, rely on Baidu keyword optimization is almost impossible in such a short time, then I think the software group, and do what is good, after I repeated investigation, found the chat room registered a 3 gross income, certainly not bad, I began to collect a lot of temptation pages on the Internet FLASH, pictures, but no space, generally rent virtual host can not put temptation, rent a server is too expensive not to earn money, but also want to open fast and free to how there is such a good thing, it want to In a way, the comprehensive utilization of large site resources, because many sites support outside the chain, for example, I put the pictures in, put the source files in the blog bus, because the bus blog support custom, without any restrictions, but also flash video on the blog bus, although little space but for the temptation of blog bus the page is enough, so the picture video source are placed in a large site, this time I thought of another problem with these large websites will soon delete my site, the mass flow will be wasted, how to do this, I think the jump.

I bought in a room two directory put one inside a jump file pointing to my blog bus group website is the temptation page, use the virtual host to buy in the two directory, so the perfect solution to re bind the domain name of the time, after a few than in the original effect of free space and upload a source, to prepare for, when the blog page, source code, images are deleted when the flow after the jump to standby site, not because the foreign mass flow is wasted, so the completion of the site structure, began to mass (mass here is not to say, too much trouble, there is fear of others, I try to abuse) mass one day I also did not expect the traffic statistics to have more than 10 thousand, the average number of registered high, reached more than 30%, when Day income will reach 900 yuan, because from time to time to look into the site, the afternoon of the second day as I expected to immediately found the site open, my blog DaBa Railway Station deleted, I immediately put the site to the free space, because the free space is certainly not playing open soon, and I went in the blog bus took a few minutes to rebuild a, and the source code encryption to reduce deleted, then down to the last day of the national total income has reached more than 6 thousand. Well, imperceptibly write so much, this is the first time I write in the online article is not well written, don’t be offended, "