for 3 consecutive times, received a warning letter GOOGLE4, every time is wronged, and the "allow site" function can not protect my ADSENSE!!!

my GOOGLE ADSENSE account is six months ago through the ADMIN5.COM application here.

about four or five months ago bought a number of sites, I do some time before ADSENSE, more than three months will be this batch of websites transferred to other users, the users also put on the ADSENSE, he will be all my ADSENSE code removed, replaced his own.

a week after my assignment, probably in the middle of August, I received 2 letters from GOOGLE saying that my ADSENSE was in violation of the policy, including copyright. I feel very strange, the site is not mine, and I follow the letter to the site to see, the above ADSENSE is not my ID.

at that time, I would like to, is not the first time I transferred the site only 1 weeks, GOOGLE system inside, there is no time to update the record. Estimated GOOGLE update information is good. I didn’t write to GOOGLE about this.

but to the middle of September, and once again received a warning letter, the site or I transfer those sites, I again confirmed that the letter said the page is not my ID.

this time, I received third warning letters, and I think I should write to GOOGLE to reflect this. Is preparing a letter, found inside the ADSENSE management area, has a function of "allow" of the site, eyes bright, thought this time as long as the inside fills the current belong to my web site, will not appear again like misunderstanding, can with past the number of net station to get rid of. So enabled only allow some of the site to show my account of the ad, fill in only belong to my web site, I think this should be appropriate, so it once again gave up writing to GOOGLE.

did not expect a few days ago, once again received a letter from GOOGLE actually, content with the previous 3 letters to the website, the same batch of more than three months before I was transferred.

I received the letter, immediately went to see my first reaction ADSENSE management area "allow websites", make sure that doesn’t contain the letter web site, and in the "unauthorized website" GOOGLE did not mention the.

I’m really stupid, "allow site" function can not protect my ADSENSE.

I wrote a letter to GOOGLE ADSENSE’s management mailbox, showing the above questions.

estimated that every day too many letters, the administrator did not see what I mean, although today, I wrote a letter, but the reply is