development of rapid growth in December 13, 2006 15:29 communications world network number prosperity, telecom users in the telecommunication market of China for all kinds of telecom value-added service to create an opportunity, in which a business mobile phone advertising is rapidly warming in recent years. Recently, China Mobile and China Unicom have Chinese announced the launch of mobile phone advertising business, telecom operators to join us to think how to make this new business at the beginning, to make it standardized and orderly development, to avoid possible market risk and moral risk.

The main form of

1 SMS advertising. Short message advertising is the most popular mobile advertising business, and it is the main way to publish the content directly to the user. For now, SMS advertising is still the dominant position in mobile advertising. Its form is simple, mainly through a short text to spread advertising information, can be directly to the advertising target, low cost. But SMS advertising is the most primary form of advertising, it is likely to become spam messages, causing resentment.

2 MMS advertising. MMS, the biggest feature is the support function of multimedia, multimedia format can transfer text, image, voice and data, the combined effects of a variety of forms of media makes the advertising effect is good. But the MMS mobile terminal advertising needs support, users need to open data services, operators for mobile data service charge higher traffic costs, resulting in cost of sending and receiving MMS advertising cost is high. At the same time, the mobile phone terminal of the different standards hindered the large-scale spread of MMS advertising.

3 customized ringing tone advertising. The advertisement is customized ringing tone at the caller’s mobile phone users for the audience, by setting the advertising information in the call bell, a form of advertising to achieve the advertising effect, can achieve repeated advertising effect. At present, the development of better customized ringing tone is the telecom value-added services, but mainly concentrated in the group customized ringing tone advertising customized ringing tone, the main purpose is to use ordinary users customized ringing tone show personality, how to develop common user customized ringing tone advertising market is discussed, the market may become the rapid development of the mobile phone advertising market in the future.

4 game advertising. Game advertising is the combination of advertising content and the game, the players in the game process and advertising to interact directly, in order to achieve the purpose of advertising dissemination of advertising, the audience is mainly concentrated in the audience.

The characteristics of