how to do Wangzhuan is all make friends are concerned about the problem, but this problem is very difficult to find the answer, because it involves too much. According to their own personal experience summed up the following four basic requirements:

, do Wangzhuan should cherish your time, don’t waste your time on meaningless things.

a lot of owners have a very bad habit, is constantly looking at their own website traffic statistics, and some even an hour to see a. I can clearly tell you that you are wasting their precious time, if you spend these time on learning SEO technology above, then your site traffic can be greatly improved. For we do Wangzhuan people often feel lack of time, so we should cherish the time, do a good job in the website maintenance at the same time, the other to spend time on learning technology, rather than one after another to the traffic statistics.

two, do Wangzhuan to improvise, change a way of thinking to consider the issue of


many friends do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan although adding time is not short, but there is no progress, this is why? Because they don’t have to learn to work, look at the problem is always with the same idea, do not learn to think.

, for example: the webmaster all know Google Adsense advertising, only high site traffic, will have a satisfactory income, so many owners, after selection of site traffic high to hang advertising alliance. But the site is not a short-term flow up, in this way some of the owners to give up. My suggestion is the site of a IP, we should put on the advertising alliance, although this may not be profitable, but you can use the web traffic development period, while learning website promotion, while advertising practice optimization, if there is no ads on your site, so there is no study advertising optimization training field. This habit, but also allows you to quickly grasp the various aspects of the network to make money experience.

three, do Wangzhuan must have a correct attitude, don’t expect a short duration of time can let you make the most of.

A lot of Wangzhuan method of

online presentation now, many people are skeptical of these methods, this attitude led to a lot of people can not start to Wangzhuan, although some Wangzhuan methods article may have some mistakes, I feel that learning anything needs to have the psychological fear, whether these articles have a little mistake. As long as you follow the practice of it, if it is wrong, this is to help you accumulate experience, of course, more good articles to help you improve Wangzhuan skills. So don’t think about what is good, good Wangzhuan tutorial e-books can take a shortcut, want to rely on an e-book or a Wangzhuan tutorial can help you learn to complete Wangzhuan, and earn their own ideal income are not willing to.

four, do Wangzhuan also specific, to determine a way to make money not easily shaken.

currently Wangzhuan more and more.