I, 80, a grass root grows in the south of the Internet era, with popular a word called: 24K gold grass root. Graduated from a university, has been struggling to struggle on the internet.

, like most people, young was rebellious, 19 year old high school graduation that year dare with a one year old woman went to the ego work. At the beginning of the odd jobs in the construction site, 800 dollars a month, often made to eat meat have no money to buy. At that time the biggest dream is: when the money to eat meat, eat enough. Later into a factory to do auto parts, wages can basically 1000 per month, of course, the premise is: you have to work overtime at least more than two hours a day. A year later, I really can’t stand that life will not feel what, do not know the future how to feed themselves, resolutely to their parents for money to go home with the university entrance exam.

was right. I forgot to explain. The woman went out in our second months back home to her reading high school, before she went away with my parents gave me money to buy a mobile phone to go to cram school. Since then, I’ve never seen it, and I haven’t contacted.

that year was 2003. The first snow when I crouching in a window full of holes of the five square meters square meters.

in the summer of 04, I went back to my hometown. That year is the most time in my life to study, because I was just a simple idea: only read more books, a good university, in order to one day no longer worry about eating meat. However, due to too much homework left, only a year later admitted to a university.

in the summer of 05, I went to a university in the South coast. (college life will not detail, is nothing more than girls, skip class, Internet, such as watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games early, I now know the wife)

graduated from college 09 years ago, and returned to the city where my home is located. At that time, college students have too much, a half will not find a job.

remember that one day a very coincidental opportunity to enter the SEO industry. To tell the truth at that time, although the University of the time to learn the network of professional, but the school teacher is nothing more than what the programming of the SEO these three letters are limited to knowledge of the situation.

that the company is to do foreign trade, we just go in this newcomer is to send the chain in foreign websites. Now I’m just around the entrance of the SEOER every day to send the chain 60 to call the father called the mother, I just entered the company’s time: every day, the chain of 450, do not finish the obligations of overtime. Fortunately, the company Guanfan, small 22. You ask me how much salary? 900! (of which 100 or full attendance bonus, you know)

worked in that company for four months and felt that he could not learn anything in that place