before writing this series, A5 had also published an article "to the monthly income of 10000 yuan do Wangzhuan the six points must have ability" has been recognized by many people, it is through this article a lot of friends came to know my official blog Wangzhuan network. Thanks to A5 has such a good platform, so that millions of owners to communicate with each other. In my QQ exchange group many friends, there is a lot of new friends, they have the passion like fire to earn his first pot of gold in Wangzhuan industry. But any industry has its own laws, there is no technical basis point, to make money in Wangzhuan industry is very rare. A lot of people in the exchange group kept asking questions, let me feel the need to write such an article, can help them. I may not be right, but it must be my real feelings and experiences, I hope useful for all of us.

: read 10000 books is.

as the saying goes, the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book. But to see more, not to practice. Became a bookworm. This is why many Chinese college students reading ability is very strong, and a scientific innovation becomes incompetent. Similarly, now you know with a new Wangzhuan exchange, they may also know knowledge than you a lot, with four "C" (i.e. CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC) explain how to cheat, to see what kind of profit model. But often do not make money is this part of the people. See tutorial because too much, let them become a "Wangzhuan professor" feel good always rumbling, but do not know where to start. The course of nature is good, but just to see and not to practice, then everything is empty theory.

Ma Yun said, the first class creative plus three flow of execution, and the creativity of the three streams plus first-class execution, he would prefer the latter". So, when you see a tutorial or project, the first not to use personal experience to deny, but to try to see what operation, is it feasible to find out the reasons for the success, feasible, not feasible to find out the reasons for the failure. Only in the constant practice of summing up you can enhance their personal ability.

two: hangwanlilu as reading countless people.

a person’s time is limited, we should be in a limited life, make the maximum score do? Answer: friends, why had success and failure to conclude a thing through his real events. This is why many successful people sell their autobiography well, because people often want to sum up a practical plan for success through their case. Similarly, if you want to make money in the Wangzhuan industry, reading countless people is to experience, not only to be able to send a friend through his website and give you a few words of explanation, can make clear profit model and method. Also learn to identify the crooks and the like, to prevent their own interests are damaged. When you talk to many people, you will slowly