tiger sniffing note: who can think of 90 entrepreneurs from the beginning of the hot topic is Ma Allison, Allison Ma however may not be the only concern of 90 entrepreneurs, this paper we listed 7 other entrepreneurs and their projects.

three or four months ago, everyone also praise the Ma Jiajia into entrepreneurship goddess, I began to depreciate her. Her circle of friends to share information, is actually not what dry cargo. Of course, her media marketing ability seems to have many places worth learning, but also remember the arena three words "limelight", as it is.

I would like to share with you some of my success after 90 entrepreneurs

1, super curriculum co-founder: Yu Jiawen & leaf length was

6 million college students, daily activity of 30% last year, A round took $10 million.


2, elephant technology founder: Liu Kenan

single hand open, seconds. Millet mode to do condoms, for the appearance of health. Circle of investment circles recently darling, investment circle uncle told me to his WeChat I have to feel that they are bent.


3, plum skin care: Wu you

B2C: a low-key luxury version of nouveau riche started, retail + wholesale cosmetics water 3 hundred million years, recently in the formation of the team to set up their own angel investment fund. Have NiuDao, voted early intelligent hardware projects.


4, dream network: Du Mengjie

has raised more than 60000 yuan a year off a tour of India, Nepal, Bahrain, Dubai and Afghanistan and other countries. 09 Gansu Chinese Raleigh expedition, is now committed to raise public network.


5, British Chinese New Media Alliance founder: Qu Chia Wei

92 years, 15 British alliance operations related large, Jiawei agent at the same time three floor and other big names, there is a glory of travel agency. In London Waterloo opened his own fashion shop. (each item of gold and silver money) are testing the cross-border electricity supplier, is currently looking for investors.


Powerhouse, 6 independent designer brand owners: Yang Yi poetry

purchasing from Paris to independent brand designer. On the cover of the French fashion magazine, now more independent foreign designer brands to domestic. There is a company in Paris