with the popularity of SEO, more and more webmasters, easy to stand on the day of IP on W. Standing with the scale, with the flow, the owners are considering things, of course, is to make money. How to make money, but many webmaster headache, I wrote this article is how to make money into distress IP maximization problem, when you stand up to a certain size, we may consider the most is not how SEO, is how to make money, the purpose of SEO is to make money, even if you SEO again strong, not to earn money, it is vain to


here I would like to discuss with you, how IP into money, of course, these are based on your site has a certain amount of traffic on the basis of.

first, that is, different types of stations, money does not, for example, industry website, his money mode, not just rely on traffic to, here we do not talk about this problem. We mainly talk about the flow of money to make some types of stations, such as. Image class, entertainment, movie station.

The first is

, hang alliance advertising, is the traffic exchange, for example, like the LINKPAGE, in general, you IP on a W station, a day have a forty to fifty yuan, that is not what is too difficult, the key is to put the position of your code, and code attractive.

second, hanging large advertising alliance, such as. ALIMAMA. First video. These days to bring you the money, not less than fifty yuan.

third, hanging GG advertising, although some people say, GG advertising is not suitable for the film on the site, but I still put the same, there is nothing. One day there is a 3-4 dollars.

say, W station a IP, a day’s income, should be in one hundred and thirty yuan. This is an ideal income.

all of the above "normally" should earn money, according to the IP on a W station to calculate, but I have a IP6000 movie station, according to the above three points hanging advertising, day’s income, is only thirty to forty yuan, want to far away from income and imagination. This is where the problem is ~ why my station flow is not small, income is very low it is worth us to study. Money is the last word ~!

also welcomed this kind of experience webmaster friends keep abreast, share IP money conversion experience, Guixie


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