I love the

boring to auction mall, there is no love I choose, once a yiyuanqipai NOKIA attracted me, because I did not see at that time, I thought this NOKIA needs only one yuan, later found to be yiyuanqipai, while the mobile phone has been photographed 900 yuan, I need more than 2 thousand pages to check the mobile phone market price, and the time for the auction, only 6 hours, if the price of 1000 yuan to take is good, then I also came under the lively, I have been concerned about the mobile phone, the price to 2000 yuan at the end of the whole transaction.

is now a lot of auction mall, but not a well-known Web site users can not get the trust of friends, I often go to the site only Taobao and pat it. If you do not let the two stores Monopoly market, which is our next topic to be discussed. Next, I will talk about my last few years to see the auction mall to see some of the experience, I hope to share with you to help.

: the first to promote some well-known shopping network traffic in many online shopping, seize the stable source we can do the chain with them. If you go into a store, the store decoration is simple, some wall of skin water inside the clothes and good-looking you have to doubt the quality problem of it? But if you go into a luxurious decoration of the shop, the clothes inside even if the cloth is not good, I believe many people will look good to hear or see buy. The auction mall is the same reason, we’d better get some stores, the first to seize the eye with the eye, then the price to buy the audience.

second: soft, did you write? For a good soft Wen promotion can make your website traffic doubled, if the money is not enough, you can try to write text, and then released to some of the information of well-known websites, but I suggest it is best to find occupation soft paper writers, so you can an effective, no trouble, as for the soft content, probably from the two aspects of pre-sales customer service to write. Pre-sale is the main advantages of the product, efficacy. The after-sales service is the sale of goods, maintenance, etc.. I believe we can achieve good results.

third: promotion promotion efforts in the blog is difficult in the blog, so appropriate to pay attention to the "degree", instead of writing to see that this is a kind of spam, it is easy to be Pass, it is best to write the article at the same time in doping into, when users read, aftertaste it was discovered that in fact is an advertising article, your article is written even if successful.

fourth: in the forum for the promotion and promotion of the blog, as far as possible from the user’s point of view, do not let a person know you know to come. As long as the forum administrator does not delete, and your popularity will slowly go up. Here I also recommend that you use e-mail group, making cards and the like, but be careful not to be spam.

fifth: try not to make the chain and some small chain, this.