Why should I follow

to advertising alliance — not the professional title, and said never cheat words like some advertising alliance. Mainly because I just some time ago from the head of the station network advertisement position. See advertising alliance of advertisement, the price is still relatively high, 10000IP=60RMB, one of my friends just a few sites have thousands of IP a day, I would recommend him to do. I began to contact a customer service, a look is not professional, some of the technical terms will not, let me get 51YES third party traffic statistics, I got, and he confirmed. The second day, he also asked me, how statistics without me. It turned out that she forgot that I was in the 51YES, and she took my station mistaken for another statistic.

another day, I was on a business trip, not on the Internet, he gave me something to look for me, I said on the line after the ad code to adjust what. Then said the customer what the problem. I asked her, hanging two days of flow of money in the end settlement. Her meaning is not settled, there is no way, customers there problems. And then there’s nothing left to say.

I’m writing this log today, but it’s nothing. Estimated a few days in Google search advertising network alliance should should be more forward. I didn’t say you cheat other, I just say you are not professional.

suggested that the webmaster nets do not get some professional alliance for money.

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