especially in the past 2009 people have said that the best money to make money, you really earn it? I think few people will certainly answer some. Some want to learn, but all day to be fooled, watching the sky fly Wangzhuan advertising, their dazzling, do not know where to start, as if the fish did not catch at four.


we will not say, now that is what many of the so-called "online earned 500" earned 800 "training tutorial, what things, I believe we have seen a lot of friends, also seen and inviting? I believe we often see some promotion pages or some auction page. If you look at the page, Oh- my God! It is really don’t want to have to say, much more beautiful, if not to earn money is absolutely a refund, you do not think about it, to have money back? There are a few points, now what some do click, every day is a few but in cents ah, the so-called tutor’s eyes, that is money, the others can also fly mosquito meat! Can you say a lie? You also say, some people also love is that people fooled, I have entered a Wangzhuan propaganda page , the inside of the resource is really attractive eye, a lot of resources, there are probably several G. The QQ asked, I began to sell 300 yuan, I deliberately ridicule, 100 sell? Anyway, cut it off the price, for a long time, finally 10 dollars, he said to me his so-called Wangzhuan resources, I still don’t say. I can find these things everywhere!

every day there is a blind man on the street, you have to believe that, such as some do CPA advertising typing, so every day someone else to bring income.

let’s look at these:

how much he spent on these things!

The man

propaganda said, he is like a Wangzhuan training, put things inside out, there may be met a few friends online, others to give him some! So, we can say, no matter whether these things he spent the money to get to the cost that is almost 0.

two, why I finally said he can sell 10 dollars? Why not bargain bargain market like


took his resources regardless of the amount of money obtained, 300 or 500 or resources in the Internet is not spread, this time, to sell a point is a point, anyway, it’s not like in the market as a cost, or booth fee, which is 0 of the cost of buying and selling, I sell it to you, I you can also sell him, I can sell more, but with the passage of time, these resources will be more and more people, the demand will become less, sometimes when you go to the promotion of these things and even some people will laugh at you: Oh, you have no disease, these things will take you out to buy. The Internet is full of free


many veterans sometimes laugh, why so many people believe that type >