has been included on Taobao pages, which is now being friends quarrel seems to do raise a Babel of criticism of the topic, the guest station behind the road more difficult changmen. The Taobao page impact search engine, which is bound to the guest station to have a huge impact is not willpower, is bound in the back of the Tao and other Wangzhuan project rankings are very difficult to do strong, he now Baidu included Taobao in these pages are well founded or Weakness lends wings to rumours. we must start. From the perspective of their own, do their own website, Little strokes fell great oaks., I was a guest of the website, the course of groping in the website optimization can be said to be a lot of people can not imagine, I do not have to enroll in what SEO training, everything is completely on their own in the forum today to study, some experience to share.

, Wangzhuan practitioners must have a fixed time every day to maintain the website

can be said that the current site is in Wangzhuan inseparable from the search engine ranking traffic, as a webmaster, must have a fixed time every day to maintain the site, this time can increase the content of the website, rich browsing, enhance the user experience of the website, on the other hand, must in the site’s search engine ranking optimization under the foot, only the site of the input of fresh blood, can long occupy a stable ranking in the search engine, which requires every day for a fixed period of time to maintain the site, if you do the next station again prompted by a sudden impulse, stranded to manage a few days like this the station is very difficult to succeed.

two, peace of mind to increase and reduce the site traffic

large sites may have to access smoothly, but the new site, traffic is mostly from the search engine, as we all know, although the search engine has certain rules, but after all he is a machine that can not be completely in accordance with the will of the people to the ranking, today I think he ranked first is a few, today I asked Baidu to give me how much IP is how much, that is impossible, when we face the search engine rankings rise or fall, have to face to the normal state of mind, not impetuous, if my ranking dropped, I shoved the wild brush chain group and this approach is very taboo, can only accelerate the speed of K website.

three, open-minded to learn the success of those who do

the Internet is a lot to be learned, although many of the resources in the eyes of others as a profitable business information is not willing to disclose to you, but there are many things we can learn, such as a web site outside the chain of resources, update website, advertising advertising provider, buy more stable in space where, how others are pseudo original? These we can contrast a successful webmaster to do, the good old saying, standing on the shoulders of giants, can see farther, this taboo, why don’t we want to put other people learn, they do way > station simulation