invalid click is a more common statement, when the publisher is warned or stopped when the account will usually see. Invalid click is a more general concept in Google Adsense, including the vast majority of the breach and cheating, because as long as it is in violation of the rules and cheating the most direct effect is to bring invalid clicks.

other deliberately invalid click as publisher is usually very concerned, if a user uses the same IP continuous or regular click on ads, invalid clicks often do not produce income will not impact on the account, so when the user clicks on the user see lots of advertisements in the use of statistics do not click worry, do not care about these, click will be recorded on the Google Adsense report but there will be no income, one of the reasons the advertising price decreased suddenly this is also a lot of people, because the invalid click does not generate income and diluted your price.

1, to provide information to the user effectively, many malicious attacks from providing false and invalid information

2, discontent to establish a good network relationship on site, with

3, so the villain in time to see the revenue report, especially in abnormal state.