June 28th, fire · 2016 nine rich Chinese and American financial technology entrepreneurship competition in Beijing held the Beijing Railway Station Jiufu headquarters, attracted a large number of outstanding entrepreneurial team competition, including smart money, overseas real estate transactions, Internet insurance, overseas theme of cultural tourism and other fields, the atmosphere is very warm, fully reflects the environment of financial innovation and entrepreneurship active capital. Finally, to provide a one-stop solution for the national Internet insurance risk scenarios, based on light bodyguard talent shows itself, won the Beijing division champion.


Capital Internet financial development advantages of

· burner; 2016 nine rich American financial technology entrepreneurship competition started in May 18, 2016 in Beijing, Zhongguancun Venture Street, lasted more than in January, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen respectively through three, the influence of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other western, multiple regions, harvest the fruits, the disposal of non-performing assets for the legal platform for finance, idle assets the disposal of trading platform big data, Crowdsourcing and the Internet based finance to buy land, Internet technology and big data technology of small and micro enterprises financing loan intermediary platform this financial street don’t become the division based on the winning project.

June 28th, the contest back to the origin of Beijing, as a national political, cultural, international exchanges, science and technology innovation center, Beijing financial innovation entrepreneurial atmosphere full of vitality. In the development of Internet banking, Beijing has a solid location, policies, resources and talent advantages, gathered a wealth of financial resources, in policy formulation, industrial park construction, the amount of financing, the number of platforms and other aspects are at the forefront of the country. The development of Internet banking "published in the early 2013, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau Huo Xuewen, to enhance the competitiveness of the financial core" speech, the same year Haidian District issued "on the promotion of Internet financial innovation and development of opinions", the Zhongguancun Internet Financial Industry Park formally established, is the first Internet financial industry park. Jingdong finance, nine rich, should believe, everyone loans, building blocks and other well-known Internet banking headquarters are concentrated in Beijing.

intelligent finance, Internet insurance into the entrepreneurial outlet

with the artificial intelligence, the Internet, big data, cloud computing technology and the depth of integration of finance, the world is set off a boom in fintech, Beijing in financial technology innovation also showed strong momentum. Intelligent finance, big data risk control, Internet insurance and other popular events in the game, especially in the field of Intelligent Finance and Internet insurance, has become a new round of the current Internet banking sector.

uses artificial intelligence technology for smart money driven is leading wealth management 2 times, according to the latest report shows that in the past few years, smart investment consulting management assets from almost zero in 2012 increased to $18 billion 700 million by the end of 2015. In this competition, the speed of light iterative technology R & D IDHOT professional automatic trading >