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may be the same, but if the same 10 thousand yuan or 100 thousand yuan, let you invest in the stock market and investment Stephen Chow upcoming film in the two election, how will you choose


from the current situation, even in the stock market again and again, when the movie box office has not stopped hot. Then, it makes some entrepreneurs see opportunity, although not what the new ideas, but if you can put the film together and all the chips, launched from film and television projects when have money involved, similar to the form of equity investment, and in the late in the box office, may have no small impact development in the film market and investment.

in fact, this idea is being practiced in China and Silicon Valley, but the model is slightly different.

movie congregation to raise the film equity congregation raised


invested a total of 7 million 800 thousand yuan of the "return" in February to allow investors to the per capita split 250 thousand Chinese is the most typical "king return" — a carefully crafted but almost because of lack of financial support and abortion of domestic animation, fortunately in the issuer through the circle of friends and private channels for help after the 89 private investors to raise public support identity. The final 89 investors not only to enjoy the "ranked the end" treatment, but also from the open box office data, a total of 7 million 800 thousand yuan of the "return" to the king, the principal and interest of investors to obtain investment income of 30 million yuan, 250 thousand yuan per capita.

if the "return" of films such as the start-up, the herd to raise dividends, it can be regarded as a standard to raise public equity flow. The only difference is that the film production, distribution and release, much more than the company founded, financing development, refinancing development…… Until the listing of IPO is much simpler. This contrast is not difficult to find the film during the time period, related links and standardized procedures and so on, can have many natural advantages to raise public equity – after all, the film had realized industrialized production.

But the "return" of the king

congregation raised obviously flawed: does not have a standardized platform to ensure the whole process, it is more like a reform and opening up after looking for relatives to borrow money to venture into the sea story, rather than the current venture equity investment platform touted by many "all angel" model prototype.

in China, from film and television production industrialization and to raise public equity restriction factors, and to raise public equity although widely optimistic, that is a big trend, but still in private and entertainment treasure and other financial products investment stage.


in Silicon Valley, began to have entrepreneurs will invest directly in the Hollywood film and equity to raise public platform together, trying to create a film version of AngelList, which is currently the most well-known Silicon Valley venture platform to raise public equity of.

can refer to the Silicon Valley model


Silicon Valley movie congregation platform