Abstract: "how competition with giant?" with Tmall, Amazon, Jingdong and other giants to enter the industry, investment blue ocean pier CEO once will be asked the same question to see. Ceng Bibo laments, capital is really afraid of risk." Although the living space will be squeezed, but the difference will indeed give the opportunity to compete for vertical cross-border electricity supplier companies.


"Jingdong, how should we do?" from the last day of June 2015, the foreign terminal CEO Ceng Bibo continue to receive the phone from the Australian distributor, the tone of the other side with a little anxiety.

June 29th, in Australia Melbourne, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong in high and vigorous spirits. Following the French Pavilion, South Korea Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Jingdong announced the launch of the Australian Pavilion, and reached a strategic cooperation with Australia post. Jingdong global purchasing overseas direct mining and the use of self brand merchants settled in two modes, through eliminating the intermediate links, to ensure genuine and allow users to enjoy lower prices, but it also makes overseas dealers worried.

a few months ago, the "financial world" magazine reporter also met with Liu Qiangdong look similar in high and vigorous spirits. In February 6, 2015, Seoul in South Korea, after jumei.com’s global brand South Korea bank dinner, CEO Chen Ou mood was relaxed, "Korean cosmetics brand, the United States in the Chinese market can dominate the world."

and Jingdong announced the launch of the Australian Pavilion almost at the same time, Ali group’s Juhuasuan platform and Tmall International launched the world Pavilion program to allow more overseas SMEs to enter the Chinese market. Ma Yun in a public speech in the United States also stressed that in the future Ali will focus on imports, and said that Ali is currently only 2% of overseas business, he hopes that this figure can be raised to the future of the number of up to 40%.

"this is our chance." The blue of the "financial world" once weekly, Jingdong, Ali opened the sea is not essentially outside the competition with the ocean terminal, but to compete with local retailers and suppliers. For these retailers, exporters, but more need to solve the foreign terminal solutions to help them open up the Chinese market, cross-border electricity supplier is not Ali’s world, nor is the Jingdong dish."

in the past year, Alibaba, Jingdong, NetEase, the United States, SF and other Internet and logistics giants to enter the cross-border business, at the same time, honey bud, ocean terminal, little red book, scouring the world, honey Amoy, babe network, entrepreneurial companies have got the financing expensive. According to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce in 2014, China engaged in cross-border electricity supplier platform has more than 5000 companies, through various platforms to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business foreign trade enterprises more than 20.

sea Amoy, instantly become a red sea.

Why choose

giants into the sea Amoy market at this time? What they want to get from? Under the shadow of the giants, entrepreneurship >