"from the first yoga shop opened in April, so far we have opened 43 franchise stores." Zhang Wenlong, the founder of the orange movement, has just released this figure, which really surprised me. In August, the number of orange Yoga stores are only more than and 20, the rate of expansion is much faster than expected.

is capable of fast fission, a big factor is that the museum adopted the "yoga instructor for the owner to join" mode, usually located in the community, 150 square meters of space, to accommodate the amount is not large, the main services surrounding communities, the former coach part-time, once have their own business, and will have a a sense of belonging, single investment cost is not high, usually below 200 thousand, the lack of funds, the orange movement can also help raise the public.

80 after Zhang Wenlong is already a veteran of the entrepreneurial road, talking about entrepreneurial projects, have their own values and early heart. In college, he worked as a campus advertising and electronic publications, in 2013, he founded the "where to play" WeChat public on the weekend of 1 million 500 thousand fans started around Beijing Tour Based on this stage, he as entrepreneurs, won the praise of prime minister Li Keqiang. OTA mode by the impact of the big platform, fans realized more and more difficult to seek the transformation of the Yoga project he found, and determined to invest.

"physical fitness is the national needs, but also the direction advocated by national policy. Community model is also the future trend of consumption. Shared economic model helps Yoga coach entrepreneurship, is our main model." When it comes to choosing yoga, Zhang Wenlong points to a few key words.

analysis for each of us to analyze the development of orange yoga.

from the media to the community, find your little V


where the weekend of the 1 million 500 thousand fans how to generate value? Zhang Wenlong said, with the entertainment theme, they in the operation of fans were of interest classification, each kind of interest can have their own Master leaders, traditional fitness Master, manual also run Master, trendy, Master Master fishing and so on, these leaders can organize fans to participate in activities, and as an expert guide, make the activities more quality.

this is not unusual in the Internet fan operation, rare is, Zhang Wenlong realized that the only organization Master, viscosity is not enough, the barrier depth is not enough, the need for further mining opportunities.

comments: these people, in fact, is a small community V. Many of the main group to understand the community, there must be a large V, the so-called soul, but you also need to know a little V? If there is no such recognition of your small V platform business model is difficult to cash, the delivery of services to the community scale batch, it is harder to fission. These small V, is extracted from the media value of the crowd, but also