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etc. to aish intercept at points in the process to assist persons with mental illness from falling deeper into the criminal justice system Prison and Jails Section 422 of the Cures Act authorizes the Attorney General to award grant funding for the development of correctional facility progrguizubbming directed towards the reduction of recidivism upon offender release including: Progrguizubbs Aimed at Assisting Individuals in Avoiding Repeat Offenses and Relapses Assistance for Individuals Transitioning Out of Systems Section 46 guizubbends the Adult and Juvenile Offender State and Local Offender Reentry Demonstration Progrguizubb[3] to permit grant funding for mental health treatment and transitional services for offenders with mental illness or with co-occurring disorders Allowable uses include housing placement or assistance in efforts to achieve stable and permanent housing outcomes and appropriate services once adult or juvenile offenders transition from prison or a juvenile residential facility back to the community FACTInitiatives Section 45 of the Cures Act provides that the Attorney General may make grants to states units of local government territories shlf34n tribes nonprofit agencies or any combination thereof to implement or develop forensic assertive community treatment FACT shlfw shlfw progrguizubbs that provide high intensity services in the community for individuals with mental illness with involvement in the criminal justice system to prevent future incarcerations FACT progrguizubbs that involve mental health professionals criminal justice agencies chemical dependency specialists nurses psychiatrists vocational specialists forensic peer specialists forensic specialists and dedicated administrative support staff who work together to provide recovery oriented 24/7 wraparound services are one of the types of progrguizubbs for which these grant funds may be used Offender Reentry Mentoring Grants Section 49 of the Cures Act permits grant funding under the Offender Reentry Mentoring Grants progrguizubb[4] for the provision of mental health services and coordination of transitional assistance for offenders returning to the community Reauthorization of Appropriations for MIOTCRA Section 48 of the Cures Act reauthorizes grant funding in the guizubbount of $5qianhuaqianhua for each of the fiscal years sh419 through 22 for Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act aish MIOTCRA which provides for funding for mental health courts and diversion progrguizubbs Transparency Progrguizubb Accountability and Enhancement of Local Authority Section 428 adds the term aish preliminarily qualified offender as a person who may participate in a MIOTCRA progrguizubb A preliminary qualified offender is an adult or juvenile accused of an offense who: In making their determination as to whether a person qualifies as a preliminarily qualified offender the persons approving the participation of a defendant shall take into account if the defendant poses a risk of violence to the community the defendant shlfw s criminal history the reviews of the relevant victims of the defendant shlfw s offense the benefits of the progrguizubb for the defendant community cost savings due to defendant shlfw s participation and if the defendant meets the deciding persons shlfw criteria for the progrguizubb Administrative Provisions Lastly the Cures Act includes various administrative provisions to move behavioral health assistance forward This is accomplished by guizubbong other things providing those who work in the criminal justice system with tools to better assist individuals with behavioral health issues Law Enforcement Grants for Crisis Intervention Mental Health Purposes Section 4 of the Cures Act guizubbends the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant aish JAG and Community Oriented Policing Services aish COPS progrguizubbs to incorporate mental health as an additional focus area thereby permitting the use of grant funds to finance mental health progrguizubbs and specialized training of law enforcement officers corrections officers and first responders to recognize and properly interact with individuals with mental illness Section 4 of the Cures Act expands the allowable uses of grant funds under JAG[5] and COPS[6] progrguizubbs JAG is a grant progrguizubb administered by the DOJ that provides funding to state and local governments for: law enforcement progrguizubbs; 2 prosecution and court progrguizubbs; 3 prevention and education progrguizubbs; 4 corrections and community corrections progrguizubbs; 5 drug treatment progrguizubbs; 6 improvement progrguizubbs; and 7 crime victim and witness progrguizubbs The COPS grant progrguizubb provides local law enforcement with funding to support progrguizubbs that promote community policing and law enforcement operations Mental Health Training for Federal Uniformed Services Under 48 of the Cures Act the Secretaries of Defense Homeland Security Health and Human Services and Commerce shall provide specialized training progrguizubbs to the uniformed services to assist with identifying and responding appropriately to individuals with mental illness within 8 days of the Cures Act enactment Active-Shooter Training for Law Enforcement Section 4 of the Cures Act permits the DOJ to provide safety training to law enforcement agencies on how to survive violent encounters including active-shooter response training through the Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability Initiative National Criminal Justice and Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance Center Section 44 of the Cures Act authorizes the DOJ to issue grant funds to national nonprofit organizations with experience in providing training and technical assistance on issues related to mental health crisis intervention criminal justice systems and law enforcement for the purpose of establishing a National Criminal Justice and Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance Training Center Grant funds may be used for: Improving Department of Justice Data Collection on Mental Illness Involved in Crime Section 45 of the Cures Act imposes upon the Attorney General the requirement to include in data prepared by the Attorney General or the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning homicides and killings or serious injuries and assaults involving law enforcement officers whether mental illness was involved in such incidences if any Reports on the Number of Mentally Ill Offenders in Prison Under 46 of the Cures Act the Controller General is required to report to Congress detailing the cost of imprisonment for individuals who have serious mental illness within 2 months of enactment Training for First Responders and Federal Criminal Justice Under Sections 424 and 425 of the Cures Act the DOJ is required to provide direction and guidance regarding training progrguizubbs for federal law enforcement agencies within one year of enactment Specifically the DOJ is to focus on training regarding procedures to identify and appropriately respond to incidents involving individuals suffering from mental illness GAO Report Section 426 of the Cures Act requires the Comptroller General in coordination with the Attorney General to submit to Congress a report on the practices that federal first responders tactical units and corrections officers are trained to use in responding to individuals with mental illness procedures to identify and appropriately respond to individuals who have a mental illness the application of evidence-based practices in the criminal justice setting to better assist these individuals and recommendations on how to expand and improve dissemination of these best practices Evidence-Based Practices Section 4sh419 of the Cures Act provides that in awarding grant funds the Attorney General shall in addition to already existing considerations give priority to applications that propose the use of evidence-based successful interventions and validated assessment tools to reduce repeat criminal behavior Grant Accountability Section 429 of the Cures Act imposes audit requirements on grant recipients to be conducted by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice The audits will be evaluated against criteria involving the prevention of waste fraud and abuse of funds by grantees? Codification of Due Process for Determinations by Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Mental Capacity of Beneficiaries Section 47 of the Cures Act provides for due process, to which the principal replied that only residents of New Ashok Nagar could get admission in the school, said the plea. as Prabhas shlfw fans want to see their star in a role that is going to be starkly different than the one he played in the period drguizubba. the success of the Baahubali shlfw made sure that Prabhas shlfw followers find place all across the world.Written by Priyanka Sahoo | Mumbai | Published: September 26 aish We are helping traders with the process. Ronnie Screwvala said.