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live new rules finally landing.

according to the China Network letter network, the state Internet Information Office on November 4th issued the "Regulations on the management of Internet broadcast services" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"). The relevant responsible person said that the introduction of the "Regulations" to promote the internet live healthy and orderly development of the industry, promote the socialist core values, safeguarding national interests and public interests, for the majority of Internet users especially the growth of young people to create a delicate gas is the network space.

visible, the main tone of the new regulations is still eliminate the atmosphere. In the specific provisions, the following points deserve special attention:

first, the establishment of qualification threshold: the platform needs to be certified, providing news information services also need access to Internet news information service qualification, platform users need real name. To carry out the Internet news information service internet broadcast publishers, shall obtain the qualification of Internet news information services and provide services within the scope of the license. Through the network performance, network audio-visual programs, such as the provision of Internet broadcast service, but also in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations."

Internet service providers should be in accordance with the "live" background real name, foreground voluntary "principle, live on the Internet for the true identity of the user authentication information of mobile phone number based on the mode of Internet broadcast publishers based on identity documents, business license, organization code certificate of the registration certification."

two, detailed content audit mechanism.

a, equipped with the appropriate staff to review, including the review, the review of the contents of the barrage. "The Internet broadcast service providers should implement the main responsibility, compatible with the scale and service professionals, improve the information audit, information security management, duty inspections, emergency disposal and technical guarantee system." "The Internet broadcast service providers should strengthen the real-time management of the comments, barrage and other live interactive links, equipped with the appropriate management personnel."

B, news broadcast need to set up a chief editor, and need to be marked in a prominent location. "To provide Internet news information broadcast services, the establishment of the chief editor." "The Internet broadcast publisher shall be truthful, accurate and objective. Reproduced news information should be complete and accurate, shall not distort the content of news information, and indicate the source in a prominent position, to ensure that the source of news information can be traced back."

C, the news broadcast after the first trial, other live classification management. "The Internet broadcast service provider should establish broadcast content audit platform, classification management based on Internet streaming content categories, user scale, live content filling to text, video and audio broadcast platform or identification information, the management of Internet news information broadcast and interactive content to implement after the first trial."

three, live users will be included in the real name credit system, the establishment of a blacklist notification system, prohibit the blacklist user re registration.

"live Internet service"