wants to go forward must have rich content, every update to the website has become a necessary thing all the webmaster webmaster. In the update site many webmasters do not know how to update the search engine can cause resonance, common day blind update, irregular update is also a lot of webmaster, update is an essential thing, and make regular updates to the site also need to talk about development methods, I combine the website how to do the routine to update the site work.

site will begin to consider the site without rules updated with weights, every update to develop stable rules change, after the search engine spiders to your site more times must provide the corresponding content to satisfy it. The website search engine spiders with general weight will in every night, morning, noon, afternoon to website content capture, this time will be in early, and late update some articles to meet the search engine spider’s appetite, every time I take the network station at this stage of development when updating each update an article, so that the search engine to meet the desire, let the spider to crawl to the site after the fresh content.

after the second stage, insist on a period of time, your site will usher in the climax of the development, the daily search engine to your site snapshot update, the spider crawling also is taken without fixed time capture, this time webmaster must seize the opportunity and meet the challenge. I take the day is 8 to 8 pm every three points of a whole website content update, before going to bed at night on the site for a major update, by this method, a new website I only spent 3 months to become the love of Shanghai by 400+ 500+, Google included, it can be said that the entire website updated within 1 hours can be included in search engines, search engine to give the weight of the site is relatively high, can be seen from the site in the development stage of the climax of the process must be done: a large number of original articles updated.

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website can be called the search engine test period, and in the process of the website update on the need to pay attention to the timely, timely, stable "updates every day a fixed time for website update, update should be fixed. It can lead to love Shanghai General Station Co. spiders crawl every day, many times love spiders in Shanghai will only to grab some web content in the evening, so I suggest you can be at about 8 p.m., when the site is updated, the update of the article is about three articles as well, so that a stable and lasting update a month will definitely make your new site weight is high.

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site can be the search engine of the seconds, explain this website updated in the article has reached the point of pure green fire, this time the owners only need in the chain some more, in.