, the original

What ?

, love Shanghai, no, even the entire Internet in the promotion of original content. The original was like a storm swept across the Internet, linked to the Internet every webmaster heart. But how many people died in the original on the road, and how many people live in the calm in the face really pseudo original original

content included? Many children will say, content is the content, what content can include the wrong?. I want to say is, including the original, pseudo original, Shanghai to love, to the user four. There may be Shanghai dragon shoes than I do in a more detailed analysis. Flowers also no longer dull segments, but also cannot do without these in general. So let me talk about the four class.

said the correlation, then writing, I would not say it. According to the phase.

first please understand what is the original. Original, the original is the first thought in your mind, then one word out. Then the correlation with their site! Right? I think a lot of people are doing the original! So here to mention the correlation, we first take a look at what is the relationship? Some shoes selling clothes, so say that an article of clothing is correlation. Right? Right! But not quite right. I buy clothes, do not look at the jewelry collocation article? I buy clothes, website data show that most are women, so don’t put some on female beauty article? What is the relationship? The movie station can not put some novel recommended? Can’t put some novels stand to tell you this movie and novel similar novels not only have these, there are like that movie! This is not relevant? What is the correlation between, actually we do not tangle, love Shanghai has in his product is very good to tell us. See hanging on your web page love Shanghai advertising, a F5 display different types of advertising is correlation. So, the correlation is not only related with the subject, but should be associated with their user groups. Of course, if you are a novel, the novel accounted for only 10%, accounting for 90% of the film. I believe that even if you keywords is writing novels, love Shanghai could see the movie station. Of course, if you stand 80% novel is a novel, 10% film is recommended, 10% is easy for the moment the joke. So, I believe that as long as the layout, layout well, do full experience. You can not only meet the needs of different users, but also bring more users, and increase the love of Shanghai.

here, I want to talk about my understanding of the original, I understand the so-called original love Shanghai. The way to share points first, dry cargo! Result oriented reverse analysis. Good love is needed to get the Shanghai Shanghai dragon results (this article only love Shanghai) ranking. Do we need to do rankings, what content, the chain?. Seems to be so. The theme of this thesis is the content, so the chain is not for the time being. Talk about the content.