first, first of all we need to pay attention to the website traffic sources. We know that we care about most is through the search engine can obtain the effective flow of website optimization process, but with the development of the Internet platform client are carved up our flow brought by the executioner, search engine optimization of the natural flow of increasingly reduced, we should also analyze entrance website traffic in this case, such as observation mobile traffic accounted for, the value flow of attention brought by other website platform, although we in Shanghai dragon search engine traffic, but for other traffic channels must have enough attention, but also for other appropriate practical channels to increase efforts to promote the flow of.

third, do not blindly on flow conversion is the focus of attention should be paid to. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not to say the website traffic, sales soared, many times we have to study the value of different types of flow, the needs of users, and then take a step by step guide visitors through quality content and clever marketing. This requires us in the process of website construction, constantly through the construction techniques to induce our website visitors, such as the right position of adding a guide link to a sales page, or in order to enhance the site PV can increase the number of articles link to another page, not only to help users to find their own the required content, but also increase the viscosity of the site. "

as everyone knows, when we talk about the thought of can’t help website optimization, website content, the construction of the chain, as a Shanghai dragon Er we can not stay in the Shanghai dragon target on the lower level, we must optimize to enhance their thinking, enhance their ability to optimize, in order to bring Shanghai Dragon technology to change the qualitative leap, the author found that Shanghai dragon industry people, will never look and time only focus on the lower level, then how are we going to do? Well, I and everyone under analysis, we improve the level of Shanghai dragon optimization of what you need to do

second, don’t be obsessed with technology should pay attention to the user’s thoughts. We know that many times we always loved opportunistic, such as before the epidemic chain group blog, construction and other technical level are opportunistic and use the search engine’s vulnerability of the behavior, but the current search engine algorithm in the continuous improvement, for some cheating has been despised by the current search engine, user behavior, such as the user’s click rate, residence time, visit the page number, is the user experience in the category, the user experience is the key factor of website rankings and lasting. Many enterprises in the construction site before only consider the show business, website visitors rarely consider the source and demand, but now we have to change the website optimization, to be integrated into the user first thinking through the web site from the inside to the outside, in the website design, user experience, and other aspects of the spider web site to do everything perfect, from customer service as the core, in order to facilitate the spiders to crawl web content as the fundamental.