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6.22, 6.28 many sites being punished, most owners believe that this is the result of factors within the site, the main problem is the quality of love, Shanghai also clearly illustrates this point for web content if most are collected or pseudo original, the user needs not only to help the rankings the main object of this part of the site, so this is love Shanghai banned.



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search engine to the user experience of the website, so for this the chain was also carried out in a strictly controlled, because the station is had a lot of content quality is poor, rely on the chain to bring up the rankings.

in addition to the content of quality factors, an external link is also one of the causes, because the chain meet the eye everywhere website down right case, the link quality is poor, there is a certain risk for the website, because they get a vote, the voting quality depends on the quality of their Website Trust and the content of the purchase black chain effect; search engine ranking of fair competition rules, is not recognized by the sea of love.


for a web site, the more the number of links, for the site of the risk is bigger, and the number of Links too, too much management more difficult, therefore, for individual webmaster exchange links or to find the best familiar people exchange, avoid those.

two, Links implicated

depends on the number of links to promote the keywords ranking, search engine operating mode of the principle of fair competition is a kind of influence, Links is one of them. The love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform clearly tell you that Links number also have adverse effects on the website. Figure:

link is a form of voting, the number of links can affect a website "recognition", for example, we often in some Adsense, forum or blog will make a recommendation to the A5 link, this link is not deliberately, but we think that this site is good, recommended to the user, this is natural help the link to users is the most valuable.

search engine algorithm, are affected by the chain this piece for the site of the weight and ranking, now the chain is not as competition is the number of seemingly as before, now the number of the chain more likely for a web site, the risk is bigger, the same is true for Links many webmaster website, just on the line to exchange links, the objective is to quickly generate keyword ranking, in fact this is not an accepted practice, first of all, the new sites in the link it is impossible to change the quality of the site; in fact, quantity, or increase the number of too fast, may be search the engine that is cheating, Links leads to several forms of punishment website: