NetEase Francisco August 12th message, according to Reuters, Cheng Wei, aged 34, worked in a foot store and spent a lot of time management. Last week, the travel company in drops Chengwei led by the acquisition of Uber Chinese business, and this will end drops over the years with many competitors business, promote the online taxi valuation reached $35 billion.


founder Cheng Wei used to work in travel: foot care shop! Exposure Chengwei business history


investors and employees are called drops Chengwei is a calm mind, keen strategic vision and humble man, these outstanding qualities in pieces with Uber two years of fighting, all show the most incisive.

in the intense competition in the market for online China taxi industry come out on top, and Uber drops in two years "Prodigal" burn scale have reached billions of dollars.

according to some familiar Cheng Wei’s friends described, Chengwei modest appearance actually zuoqishilai wrist is very strong, and also with a subtle sense of national pride, Chengwei often cited in his speech, with history and military strategy of China view.

with Uber China exit market, Cheng Wei suffered attention but everyone watching grow with each passing day, Cheng Wei at the end of the original large drops of travel burn mode, how will the track will lead the company to profitability.

at present, domestic media station drops travel user and the driver’s position that drops in the documents, made online taxi market monopoly, it is low and increase subsidies.

"he’s probably the fastest growing CEO I’ve ever seen, even if it’s not the best, at least the top three of the top CEO I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure a lot of people agree with that." Drops of travel investors, Ji source capital management partner Tong Shihao (HansTung) commented.

According to a

and Cheng Wei worked, Cheng Wei often wears a pair of black glasses, wearing his favorite Polo shirt, is full of vigour. But perhaps more important than appearance, Cheng Wei has a pair of horses can make people recognize the eye, such as the famous Cheng Weiwa to hold foreign educated former Goldman banker Liu Qing.

in addition, Cheng Wei also resourceful in two large drops of Alibaba and Tencent investors with notes it both but the Internet circles rival.

"if you have come into contact with the process dimension, you might say he is a lucky dog, but only by luck can be enough to make Cheng Wei toward the pinnacle of life, he is very understand that with what kind of friends, the good relations with what kind of friends, and let them most willing to for his effectiveness, Chengwei has very unique personality charm." >