is the abbreviation of file Icon ICO Icon: for the website administrator, website ICO icon more accurately should be called., is one of the symbols behind the website LOGO. ICO icon design and high quality to make it easier for site to obtain a good user experience. ICO icon tool even though there are many, but to make a beautiful ICO icon, is not an easy thing. Coincidentally, even if you have a nice ICO icon, want to show him the search engine will be very difficult. So today we will talk about it,

my eyes love Shanghai crawl ICO IconStandard

love Shanghai crawl ICO I don’t know, but we can use an equivalent substitution method to analyze. I know a friend, he has done a very good regional forum. His forum operations for six or seven years, when he submits the awesome hao123 navigation website, it is easy to be included. At that time, I did not link it and ICO icon. Until then, his long time the forum suffered DDoS attacks, so that more than 2 weeks the site open. At the same time, he also canceled the included hao123 navigation forum, I found in the canceled shortly after the magic of love Shanghai previously grab ICO icon disappeared. Although this may be the reason for his website cannot open touch love Shanghai rules caused by the cancellation of ICO, but later things let me completely to Lenovo ICO crawl is likely related to hao123. Yes, friends after the attack re submitted to the site of hao123, included after the ICO icon was again grabbed. So we through equal replacement thinking about ways to think, put love Shanghai grab the ICO standard not to talk, do the site included in hao123 standard, then from the capture of ICo is not far away. Of course there are included in hao123, but not crawl ICo. This is related to many aspects, such as owners did not submit, wide enough, copyright issues and so on.

we’ll analyze other factors, ICO grab. I analyze some small movie sites are on the line a few years, no copyright.

love Shanghai is to grab the ICO.

love Shanghai crawl ICO icon search engine on the official response strategies have included site "site comprehensive" performance automatic evaluation, to meet certain standards of the site, favicon site automatically extracted as the display icon. At the same time, this mechanism is regularly updated automatically, without manual intervention, the interface. Love Shanghai official response is very clear, but very general. Clear is the ICO show, and not love Shanghai artificial intervention. General, what is the mechanism in the evaluation of his mysterious "sign"? What love how Shanghai will grab ICO. I think this is still not known, it is still a puzzle.