second: the quality of the web site of the poor, for a website updated daily ten article nine articles are reprinted tenth network directly, is their "pseudo original" changed the first paragraph of the article, and the contents of the title of the article, if the search engine will give this station some rankings, some people will say how a certain website like me, he has ranked, careful analysis, others standing in the station time, site based, pre optimization with you whether synchronization is the same, if you have no ranking, we can only say the problem is your character,


third: is the site of the quality is relatively high, but the internal structure optimization is not good, the natural ranking will not have, for example: the page title, keywords, description and suitable reflect keywords, home page, column page, specific web pages related links construction is not good, is not natural a >

: the website is really a new station for example: on the line just two weeks, for this new natural will not go into the search track calculation, site snapshots and included the increase of the amount of that website good foundation, is still in the test period.

The first kind of

first, a snapshot of the site can be updated every day, every day can increase the number included, these should be the most webmaster to the results, if the site can reach this kind of effect shows that the site has been search engine affinity, what is the affinity website search engine? Is love, before the average will climb two times. Now even to 100 times, which is why your website snapshot is updated every day, published articles are included in the search engine website light outbreak was you activate (which refers to the formal operation without cheating, so why web site) there is no ranking? What a "real is the weight of the site not given, can be understood, the site snapshot update included increase only that" very hard ", but the webmaster of the site content is true and valuable Can not rely on the snapshot and daily increase the amount collected to reflect the time, which is why many owners find Links except snapshot and included positive and negative number, but also requires a keyword ranking, see here believe in your own website snapshot included and updated, but there is no ranking of this should be understood some

believes there is a considerable part of Shanghai dragon friends encounter website snapshot and included the number every day increased, but the site in Shanghai Google ranking is no change, a lot of friends and even quite angry to say I update articles are updated, I really do not know now how to optimize the site, together with the sun we analyze their own examples, have the wrong place please correct me.

we should understand in addition to updating the website daily to the snapshot of the collected and updated every day, does not require the search engine will give you ranking, empathy, why not rank? (site not cheating, cheating on the station is not in our analysis), not to be able to have this ranking for several reasons: