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search engine to update and improve the search function has been strengthened. But the search engine is certainly not perfect, more or less defects, not only that, at the same time, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel on the black hat Shanghai dragon continues to grasp, to love the Shanghai search engine in the rankings must have defects, can not fully meet the user experience, in order to better display the relevant page, love Shanghai advocate users report to each other.

today I as usual, in-depth study of ranking Chongqing Shanghai dragon blog, found that one of the highlights of the different and characteristic. When we enter some keywords Shanghai dragon query optimization, love Shanghai search engine display results page can be found clearly, there was "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon." Such a prompt. Everybody to love Shanghai search engine optimization guide is also very understanding. Love Shanghai why make such a move, the intention of it? The author is a daydream, here to talk about their own views.

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In recent years

three, the search engine is not perfect, at each reporting


, an advocate of white hat Shanghai dragon

is the white hat Shanghai dragon at the same time to meet a search engine optimization methods and user experience, this kind of way to improve Shanghai Longfeng and standardize the role for the website, access to effective flow from, and ultimately improve the conversion rate.

I talk about my opinion here, of course, relatively rough, but also will continue to love Shanghai prompts you to "more in-depth thinking and further observation, also hope that the Shanghai dragon -er discuss with each other, mutual progress.

two, to remind the black hat Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng optimization means there are many kinds of love, Shanghai this move, the full display of love Shanghai white hat Shanghai dragon behavior advocate and confirm. Love Shanghai why again advocated the use of white hat Shanghai dragon? The main reason is that: that love Shanghai’s current position, but also by optimization personnel what to do now, what to do.

love Shanghai has been advocating white hat Shanghai dragon behavior, why again? We all know that in addition to the Shanghai white dragon, common is black hat Shanghai dragon, black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of the search engine is not perfect on obtaining the flow, improve the ranking. The black hat Shanghai dragon rampant, has begun to ignore the monitoring love Shanghai love Shanghai, the most important is to remind the warning Shanghai dragon optimization personnel: black hat Shanghai dragon is not long.