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keyword density how much better? This question is often the students in question, the usual answer is Xiao Han 2%-10%, but today this article is not to tell you how much the best density, but to correct a misconception. Of course, I’m not saying that this answer some predecessors before the Shanghai dragon is completely wrong, and perhaps people’s intention is correct, and the back was handed down into a misunderstanding. Why do I say this, because we believe that search engine keyword density is an important factor in judging the current page relevance, it is not wrong, the focus is misunderstood the meaning of keyword density.

Author: Xiao Han

two, the correct understanding of keyword frequency

In fact, we do research on

first we try to understand the meaning of the keyword density refers to the number of the current page keywords appear with other general text ratio, also known as "keyword frequency". Generally speaking, the higher the density of keywords, then the "correlation is higher, so the ranking is also higher, of course, the key word here is to the natural frequency of the premise, otherwise it will bring punishment.


key to note here is "the word", to understand the love of Shanghai Chinese segmentation can be clearly aware of this mistake, do you think there will be the keyword density usually said? For example, we keywords of this article is: "how many good keyword density, the index in the library is the keywords / density / how many / a good" this phrase that, if not the complete sentence phrases appear in this article, with the tool of query is density is 0, but in fact as long as you "appeared in the word after word, and the higher frequency is achieved.

Xiao Han argues that the keyword frequency representation is more appropriate, understand more clearly. Here we first glimpse search engine crawling process from the website, on the web noise is mentioned in an article I than this, you can go and see. The search engines to crawl "after the pretreatment, the process of web page analysis, remove the code, and then extract the text content, which will be used in word segmentation, extract the contents into a combination of a word and then stored in the index database.

keywords principle often use this word, but many people still don’t know in connection with the entire site. I hope you don’t dwell on keyword density, as long as the word frequency can be controlled well after word segmentation (remember the nature of what I said above is the premise,) I mentioned in "how to learn" Shanghai dragon in an article, suggest you to understand the principle of search engine.

, what is the keyword density