take traffic from 3D Titanic hit on the key selection strategy ", and talk about the recent focus of user attention is 3D the film Titanic, the" Titanic "and Shanghai dragon keywords acquired flow of the ingenious combination of organic, let readers have.

creative Title

, have a perfect title

3, by means of popular events

we know, a good soft Wen can bring to the work of Shanghai Longfeng is not only rich site to attract users, so simple, more important is that he can bring more outside chain resources, compared with the chain operation of the heavy work, I prefer to take the time to edit a good article, or to attract users attention more and more people is reproduced, users of our "brain" in exchange for profit, rather than labor".

2, create suspense


eyes are the window of the soul, a perfect title is soft eyes, a soft, first of all, users pay attention to pay attention to your title, if your title can cause the user’s interest, then you have successfully 1/3 soft Wen, you give the user enough momentum to continue reading your article.

use some of the network personality, vivid expressions, but also should accord with actual, not too offbeat. For example, let the Optimization Website calm, get rid of "vulnerable" ranks ", the network language use this title, while highlighting the personality we can search, find its repeatability is not high, the theme is also clearly expressed, optimization of calm.

everyone has curiosity, interest to seize the user, resonate with readers, attract the reader’s attention, the rhetorical question and ask a question, lure readers new, such as an article I wrote before SEO why Jingjiubucui? "When I saw the problem, many webmaster can’t help but click to see why? Maybe in Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, have not thought about this problem, or is thinking about, but have not get the exact answer. Whether it is to prove themselves or find the answer you want, anyway, this issue has caused the attention of users.


has just entered the Shanghai dragon industry, as a novice, from the beginning of the chain operation is the most basic, every day according to the project operation plan, formulate operation amount of their blog, forum hundreds, hundreds of classified information, how many, every day work as to position itself as a simple machine account registration, login, send the chain, address and title records, after the end of the day to look at the day outside the chain of survival probability, included rate and many of the so-called soft working copy from the Internet for second days, in the face of such machine word operation, many novice in Shanghai dragon also enjoy Shanghai dragon brought delicious and far and we say goodbye. How to edit a good article, what to do when faced with bottleneck when