as many grassroots webmaster, Lu Songsong will also be submitted to the directory blog site navigation station station, but soon he found that because of his blog awareness is not enough, can not get famous daohangzhan favor, he immediately adjusted their website directory submission method (which is execution), give full play to the grassroots "small boat U-turn" advantage, will be submitted to a large number of his blog is not well-known small navigation station, not only to obtain a large number of sites outside the chain, but also made many webmaster friends.


not only for their own advantage well, also knew of their new Lou song song of unknown status blog. He is sincere in exchange Links with other owners: "we can do a friendship connection? I hope we learn together, develop together, I have to give you good connection, in the lower right corner of the front page". It is not difficult to imagine, this attitude has won a lot of weight higher than his blog Links for him.

Lu Songsong also said: "the so-called promotion, not only is Shanghai dragon, you are doing this in order to let love Shanghai included or share ideas, let users participate in the discussion? I think Shanghai dragon is the auxiliary promotion of things, or focus on people exchanges between the" /p> "

must again, Lou loose heart is very clear, the user is king, flow first "on the Internet, in addition to attract users with high quality content, Everything is nothing, he blog the chain construction is based on constant site unique content marketing planning and execution, and he the goal is very clear, do not intend to do" the chain spider "low Shanghai dragon ER, even if the hair of the chain but also the promotion of the first second, the spider, the chain is only a matter of expediency. He website promotion stage.


and Lu Songsong, the chain of clear objectives, clear positioning and flexible method is also worth mentioning — his own advantage well, and play to the maximum in the blog promotion process in their own advantage (this is the "jumping on the line, resolute" execution), he will own a large number of website templates and other products with certain value of the site outside the chain released in each big website for others to download for free, thus obtained a large number of the chain.

"in 2011, Shanghai dragon, has become a" chain ", network promotion has become a" chain ", those who want to promote the site eventually died in the" chain "," Lou song song 2011 summed up the increasingly popular "Shanghai dragon = chain said" phenomenon.

therefore, Lou loose did not try to love Shanghai like many webmaster encyclopedia promotion did not >

said, is not Lu Songsong do not pay attention to the chain. On the contrary, in Lu Songsong’s early blog also attaches great importance to the construction of the chain, he constantly visits, through the blog high weight website submission, to send the chain site navigation station, Links, submitted his work with the chain for free download and other means of building the chain blog.