it: from the beauty shop boss to work for someone else’s manager

recognize franchisee home

northeast, a popular place mentioned on both sides of the Changjiang River, "northeast", who will think that a northeast of Liaoning, near the Yellow Sea, northeast Bohai, both coastal and border, not only has a river with North Korea, Japan, and South Korea across the sea. An exquisite scenery, full of human touch.

"one side of the water, the Northeast Liaoning vast land and the cold weather makes people bold personality, they look tough, endoplasmic fortitude, hard-working, pragmatic and practical be the same outside and inside. The Northeast has the character of the most distinctive Chinese so, heard today successfully signed Ouquan other chain salon franchisee from northeast Liaoning, a small reporter I felt indescribably good feelings and excitement.


first impression: please call me "Shi Hongdong"


followed the forthright beautiful often the teacher walked into the reception room, found the dark skin, tall franchisees sitting quietly on the sofa. The moment I saw you come in, he quickly got up and smiled, the smile is sincere and sunny, so that I am nervous tension suddenly relaxed up. Originally, the Northeast Han is not proud of, they like very polite in the face of this scene, I can’t help laughing.

sat down and our interview began. "I don’t know what your last name is," I said, looking at his eyes. "History, history, flood, East, Shi Hongdong." He looked at me very seriously, "can not in the article I wrote the history of Sir!" and listen to him, I am a bit surprised, is generally known by name with "Mr" suffix on male franchisees, why in front of the franchisees do not want to use it


"why not? What do you want to call you in the article?" I asked curiously.

"write my name, that will look younger." He replied naturally.

if he so calm face, I will think in front of the franchisee is kidding! Why would he care about these, I just know later, because he is a hair salon owner, because he was a stylist, the age of beauty is certainly has its own insights.

"that where you come from?" since he love young, then you don’t need the "honorific" – "you" to call, I was secretly thinking.

"in Liaoning Province, Fuxin City," the franchisee suddenly paused, "also need a bit more specific?" with a smile watching me.

"well, no!" I suddenly got nervous again. What kind of person is the franchisee in front of us