3, relevant keywords recommendation is the recursive hierarchy level, for example, just give us the analysis case is from the "air filter" – "compressed air filters" compressed air filter precision".

"more" to us "in the Shanghai show love machine"

love the search results Keyword

love Shanghai has been improving their user experience, although the speed to catch up with our expectations, but to change the search results, but also step by step in the promotion, encrypt the search results link to jump from last year, to the back of the page layout more left, this series of actions are taken into account from the user the point of view, want users to be able to get a better search experience, recently rose blog found another enhance the search experience in Shanghai when the search keywords, which is mainly for the keyword search results related to some web pages in the page to give more opportunity to show, as shown below, search "air filter" the one page of the Alibaba at the home, when the mouse click this link will automatically show us a Some related with the content of the page of Ribaba.

is completely included in the Alibaba in Shanghai results:


1, the search results page is the site of the internal page, note: even within the enterprise web page can also display such as below, is a corporate website on the "compressed air filters" search results display page.

Alibaba Shanghai

2, show on the page title in the keyword automatic recommendation, for example, began to search "air filter" will match "compression" in the word "Alibaba, so the show is the relevant search results on" compressed air filter ", followed by analogy, in the back of the page in the matching precision".

The results show

search results page


also has a small, if enough level, may love Shanghai will give us a more opportunity to display web pages, such as this is love Shanghai show Alibaba on "compressed air filters" content for us.

compressed air filter


Click to view the relevant search results, we find that the link guide is "compressed air filter" of the search results page, search the related recommendation function similar to the love of Shanghai used a single element search results, of course, this recommendation has several characteristics: under the

search results show "air filter"