website pictures, search engine spiders can read FLASH files, although these files have a good visual effect. Another point, Jindo Shanghai Longfeng optimization division does not recommend the use of FLASH is the reason when the file is too general to slow down speed.

2, various types of jump


long ago, search engines can not read JS, although you can now, but it is difficult to. Therefore, although the use of JS generated navigation has better visual effect, but because it is not friendly to search engine spiders and spider trap is judged. New station can’t fall into.


Shanghai Jindo Shanghai Longfeng optimization Division said, dynamic URL in the strict sense is not a spider trap, because the love of Shanghai is spiders can grab dynamic URL, but obviously not grasp static url. Shanghai dragon company experts recommend owners use static URL, dynamic URL parameters to avoid a lot of interference love Shanghai spiders to crawl content.

life is full of traps, Shanghai dragon optimization more can not avoid the trap, here is the spider trap. After entering the new Shanghai dragon company to learn a lot of things, including mastering the existing types of spider trap. The enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon like war, grasps the enemy, leading to the final victory of the website ranking. So, the website optimization, which is the Shanghai dragon rookie avoid spider trap

3, JS generated navigation

due to the limited time and space, therefore, a search engine spider trap introduced here. For more information, please visit our website 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon teacher贵族宝贝.cn.

4, member login mandatory

login function will make users crazy, but the search engine spiders are not mandatory, so make it a really funny sign. Only the search engine spiders cannot enter the website, not to mention what crawling included and stuff.

why Frame framework is not friendly to search engine spiders? Because when access is designed by Frame website only grab HTML code, can grab text information. This is a spider trap biggest Shanghai dragon optimization.

5, Frame (

1, the url

correct jump is 301, it is advantageous to the search engine. Malicious jump other settings such as JS, FLASH 302, jump jump jump is a spider trap, please new webmaster detour.

Compulsory dynamic website In addition to ?