, meta tags in the website (including keywords and description) is necessary for the Shanghai dragon. But after the big update to love Shanghai, of which more and more keywords weakening. You can see the products such as Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Wikipedia, almost can not see the set of keywords, the keywords is a sign not essential for search engines. The search engine judge "key can be done from the page itself out of content analysis. In fact, WordPress does not set the key place. Can use tags to do keyword is not necessary.

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use WordPress station friend, on the label is familiar with. The use of the label there are various views, mainly focused on two points: one is inclined to shield, the other is not shielded. The reason is inclined to shield the number of labels will be more and more, cause site fat; do not shield the reason is conducive to search engine included labels. I think this tag should not be shielded, WordPress as one of the most user blog program, with its natural beauty. The author will make a list of the currently popular usage and review, and provide a kind of advanced usage, to share with friends.

in site navigation bar, if there is a popular label, will undoubtedly make users feel professional website. Before using the CMS system, the background of the website provides the input tag. Obviously this label is false, is not really hot. And use the WordPress tag to realize popular tags. With the increase of your article, the label will change. Especially some of the CMS site with WordPress, seems to have become a standard.

Four, the use of

two, practicalThe following

remember many years ago, when not using WordPress, see a lot of friends blog, a tag cloud on the sidebar, some kind of dynamic clouds. And I but use the domestic CMS system, then looking to achieve the same function but not the final, later that it was the use of WordPress, and have a tag cloud plugin. Now it seems that this is not what. For this floating function, is actually a flashy without substance function, the user is concerned, it is more important for the universal access speed, speed is not fast, the thing to be loaded, the user’s patience is limited.


obviously, WordPress users may be confused, I how to use label? I want to say is to use tags to strengthen the user experience of the website. We all guide, a website has its main keywords, assuming our website main keywords are three, then.

tags to enhance the user experience

, a tag cloud flashy without substance.

three, outdated labels do keyword function