(four): we do new sites, especially to do business in the new friends, no matter what we do, as long as the boss, your money will, when you have what good ideas, good advice, ask your boss to mention, if the boss slow-witted words, my advice is to leave such a boss, because you do not earn money, because when you do good advice for the boss plan, he did not listen to the words, so the company will not live long.

such as the title "on the new site should do if Shanghai Longfeng optimization", actually this topic should belong to a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but a lot of people have been put forward in the end how to optimize the station in order to achieve better results. According to Hai Yuan studio years of experience, we simply said several methods, we hope to help.

above 4 pure personal view.

(two): the line on the website, first of all you need to know, you hope that through what keywords your target customer groups find themselves (the best is to have a 2–4 target keywords and target keywords don’t too much. You know…) and the long tail word is a reasonable layout of the site. I remember reading an article written in our website, the real flow is from the long term, I agree with this sentence. I believe many people have very identity (three): the long tail keywords set, like I said, the real website traffic comes from the high quality of the long tail word, so as our enterprise, we should choose those long tail words to assist our target keywords? For example the word face attendance machine a search, almost all of the Shanghai sex price, then we should go to the optimization if such words that? I personally believe that we optimize face attendance machine the word should not be optimized to love Shanghai home (home is bidding) so we can optimize words such as Ji’nan face Weifang face attendance machine attendance machine words face attendance machine manufacturers face such as telephone attendance machine. Someone may say this word optimization is not difficult, the search volume is not high words, but I want to say is that you do? Or do people say such words have no effect, my answer is you wrong ~ ~ at least I optimized the word in addition to most of the traffic are mostly in the love of Shanghai home at the same time I detected by 51la are from these words, at least now the boss was very pleased that this Shanghai dragon, Shanghai auction than sex spend each month (value, and these words brought a lot of orders). Because the degree of intention by using these words to the customer is far higher than the word face attendance machine.

(1): officially launched on the new station, go to the major search engines where to submit your web site, add a few target keywords appropriate to the site. Note: your website submitted is not necessarily to be included, you must be patient, submit a site on the OK, it is not necessary to submit. (general new words about 15–30 days was included)