in the field of search engine, this battlefield invisible endless smoke, the Shanghai dragon master or novice may be around the same popular keywords a competitive position, which requires the wisdom of the competition. In the domestic love Shanghai boss, and the home for natural ranking is 10 position, the 10 station behind the course will have a different Shanghai Longfeng operation. But wisdom, not staring at a popular keywords to compete, but expanding their field is constantly expanded into the popular keywords of the long tail word mass, then according to the different long tail word set different station, which in my opinion is probably station group mode. We see from Shanghai dragon how to operate it, it is updated every day, send the chain, but never pay attention to the method, only believe there are paid, but I think not to pay will be harvested, paid will harvest. Shanghai dragon is a double-edged sword, only the wise can make it play a great power, with the Everfount allowed to bring their wealth for themselves.

, a Shanghai dragon is a wisdom of the game

The essential method of

is important, but it is undeniable that Shanghai really need to pay the cost of power dragon. Power, namely execution. In Shanghai dragon field gallop invincible must have strong executive force, many advanced Shanghai dragon master, no model is not execution, certainly left a strong executive power initially from the novice begins to accumulate as the foundation, master only.

as a Shanghai dragon industry engaged in more than a year of Shanghai dragon Er, on Shanghai Longfeng has a desire in me like hunger and thirst to explore, Shanghai Dragon Technology and deep principle on the road, with smiles and tears, decadent also diligent. Every day we are talking about how Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology can how, but rarely involves the essence of Shanghai dragon. In my opinion, Shanghai dragon is a game theory, is a wisdom and strength of the contest, why do I say, and listen to me explain.

two, Shanghai dragon is a power game

in Shanghai dragon in this industry, technology is generally two distinct, extreme, master level is very high, many novice is mediocre without technology. If you take the Shanghai dragon master and novice than the results obviously, as easy as blowing off dust can master in charge of keywords ranking of universe. Between the Shanghai dragon or between novice and novice master and master of Shanghai dragon will have the wisdom of the contest, the competition between the master take for instance. The same words in different Shanghai dragon master operation, each have their way, but after all is to let it get good rankings to bring traffic to the site of profit. Why do I say Shanghai dragon is a wisdom of the game? Both game theory, such as martial arts master checkerboard fight, of course, also like strategizing winning thousands of miles, the technology foundation of Shanghai dragon is very simple, but its essence also is probably the only master can understand.